Reasons to work with SATZ


1. Service and flexibility

As a service we offer the following

  • External IT Specialists
  • Recruitment of permanent employees
  • Temporary employment
  • Fixed price projects
  • Putting together project teams
Through these strategic business areas we can offer our customers’ individual and requirement customized solutions for IT Resourcing throughout the entire project development.

2. Individual customer service

A SATZ Account Manager is responsible for each of our customers. He/she will act as the sole contact person for all of our service areas. They will refer to the resourcing specialists within our business and take into consideration the interests and individual requirements of the customer, in order to develop the optimal solution.

3. Responsibility

SATZ takes the contractual responsibility for supplying the consultant and IT specialist during an on-going customer project very seriously. For this reason we remain available as your contact person throughout the entire duration of the project, answering questions and considering additional wishes throughout. We assure you, that problems will be solved and additional requirements will be met during the project. Our IT specialists will be thoroughly assessed and selected by SATZ, to ensure they can fulfil the goals of our customer through their professional and social competences. Should, for instance, an IT specialist from SATZ be unable to complete a started project, due to unusual circumstances – we will do everything possible to replace this consultant within 1 week with another specialist of the same calibre.

4. Pricing

Our goal is to offer our customers optimum pricing. This means that we offer highly qualified consultants and IT specialists for reasonable and acceptable prices.

5. Quality

All of our departments undergo a regular quality check. Our company is ISO 9001 certified.

6. Security

All of our contracted IT Specialists are obliged to demonstrate absolute confidentiality regarding all customer related information. In addition to this, the consultant is obliged to observe secrecy about all project related information and to return all related documentation at the end of the project.

7. Success story

Since its foundation in 1995, SATZ Software & Consulting GmbH has successfully completed over 2500 projects in more than 13 countries in Europe and North America. Our customers include international and market-leading companies. You can find an extract of our project references here.

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