Profile & CV Tips


Tips for creating the ultimate Consultant profile

1. Layout

It is essential that the details of your profile are laid out in a clear and appealing format. We would therefore suggest the following format:

  • Page 1: Personal details
  • Page 2: Technical skills
  • From page 3 onwards: Summary of your project experience, i.e. chronological order of your projects
  • Last page: Education and additional training / advanced qualifications

2. Content

Page 1: Personal details

Name, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, citizenship, address, telephone number, email-address, availability, preferred project location, hourly rate and terms, general focus of your professional services, for example SAP Logistic Consultant.

Page 2: Technical skills

Construct a list of your technical skills, ideally formatted in categories such as: database, programming languages, tools, methods, software and applications.

From page 3 onwards: Summary of your project experience

  • The length of your profile should not exceed 10 pages. Should the list of your project experiences be too long, concentrate on those projects which are most relevant to the project you are competing for.

    Your Cobol-Programming experience from 15 years ago is probably of limited interest to our customer.

  • Format your projects chronologically; starting with your most recent project, followed by your historical projects.

  • A profile is not just a generic document; it should also be relevant to the advertised project. For instance, if you are looking for a project in the area of Logistics and your professional focus happens to lie in this area too – then you should describe and emphasize the relevant responsibilities and activities relating to Logistics in your past projects.

Include the following details in your project descriptions:

  • Project lifespan (specify the period using start and end month and the year)
  • The company, industry sector, the location as well as the size of the company
  • Technical details, relevant to the project
  • Your area of expertise for the project
  • A detailed description of your main activities in the project

Example of a project description

Jan 2009 – Oct 210 Company, Industry, Location

Technical information
Rollout of SAP R/3 SD, MM, FI and CO in the UK, France and Germany (Version 4.6i)

SAP SD/MM consultant

Main activities:

  • Cooperation to establish the first Blueprint-phase
  • Budgeting and Project planning
  • User training for the SD module
  • Customisation of the SD module
  • Rollout in 12 branches and 3 countries performed on budget
  • Follow up and support after the ‘go live’ in September and October 2010
  • Final handover to the Customer-Competence-Centre in October 2010

Last page: Education and advanced training

After we have received your profile, we will discuss the different project details with you and summarize the information on a cover page for your profile, allowing the project leader or human resource manager to be presented with a clear and concise overview.

Why we do this:

  • An original, personalized and attractive front page will motivate the reader to read through your profile.

  • It is more than likely that the person reading your profile, has several profiles to choose from and those profiles which made the best first impression are the ones which will be remembered.

  • The first impression usually lasts a long time. If the front page creates a good impression and the details in the project descriptions go on to confirm this impression, your chances of an interview will be greatly increased.

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